Wouldn’t it be nice if running a Georgia business was nothing but money coming in?

Cash Flow Management

Every business has creditors and expenses, and positive cash flow isn’t always a given. Finding yourself with more cash flowing out of your business than flowing in causes more than stress – it can result in angry creditors and suppliers and the potential for your business to fail.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a position where you’ve had to borrow money in order to make payroll, then you need Gainesville, GA based ACT Financial Services, Inc. Cash Flow Management Service. With our Gainesville, GA accounting services, you will have a better understanding of your cash needs and the various sources available to you for meeting them.

Maintaining a positive cash flow provides a number of benefits, including positive relationships with your creditors and lenders, and our accountants make that possible by developing both short term and long term cash flow projections to help you to anticipate cash needs from week to week and as long as five years into the future. 

Maintaining positive cash flow and preventing shortfall crises is largely a matter of understanding where the money is going and where it has gone in the past, so in addition to preparing projections we’ll look pack and prepare historical statements from which you can learn. In addition to that, as your Gainesville, GA business accountants, we’ll help you with all the pieces that can improve your cash flow, including obtaining reliable and reputable lines of credit, accelerating your cash collection techniques and putting effective policies into place, creating a payment schedule and policy that works for your business, and making the most of your idle cash.

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