For a Professional Approach…. Take Advantage of our CFO Services.

Fractional CFO Services

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ACT Financial Services, Inc. provides you with the expertise of a professional financial manager dedicated to giving your Georgia business the tools and information it needs to succeed.

ACT's CFO Services include:

  • Strategic Business Planning:  Translating your goals from a series of internal conversations to a strategic plan that can be acted upon requires experience. ACT can help you with that.

  • New Business Formation:  The thrill of starting a new business can quickly be replaced by the realities of day-to-day organizational needs. Let ACT Financial Services, and my professional network provide the management tools you need to succeed.

  • Monthly Reconciliation Services

    Monthly Bank, Credit Card and GL account reconciliations are crucial to making sure your financial statements reflect accurate account balances. Reconciliations can be cumbersome and time consuming and at times, seem simply irreconcilable. Having them done by a professional, non-partisan third party will save you time and money while providing an added level of security against fraudulent activity.

    A monthly overview of all GL accounts and monthly adjusting journal entries (as required to reflect accurate balances) will provide you with ongoing confidence that your financial statements are up to date and accurate, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

    Creating customized reports is often necessary to meet unique and specific needs of your business. My report design experience can save you time and headaches by designing and creating the reports and making them a part of your system.

  • Financial Statement Preparations: Every business has three different groups interested in their financials: their stockholders, their creditors, and their private investors. While understanding that each group has its own risk tolerance level,  ACT Financial Services, Inc. does not provide audited or reviewed financial statements but does work with other local CPAs that do.  ACT Financial Services, will only provide "prepared" financial statements and supplemental reports without the issuance of an attest report.

  • Cash Flow Management:  The best way to avoid a financial crisis within your business is to have a constant understanding of your cash flow. We will provide a cash flow projection that lets you understand exactly where you stand at all times.

  • Internal Controls:  Maintaining peak efficiency within your organization requires frequent reviews and reassessment of your internal controls. I can provide an objective eye, as well as recommendations.

ACT Financial Services, Inc. also provides Quickbooks Training services in Gainesville, GA, and surrounding areas.

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