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Tax Planning

Why wait until April to know what your tax bill will be? 

I will work with you through-out the year to make sure you are able to take advantage of all the tax reductions and credits available to you. 

As your tax planning specialist for your Gainesville, GA business, I will perform a detailed review of your businesses and personal tax positions after mid-year and provide you with a “Tax Projection” that will enable you to take appropriate actions towards legally lowering your tax bill and creating cash flow to meet your tax liabilities in April.

There is little you can do after December 31st to affect your taxes for that year, but with proper planning you can:

  • avoid IRS scrutiny of your Corporate return, by making sure your salary falls under “reasonable compensation” 

  • maximize your retirement contributions, reducing your taxable income.

  • know the best time to purchase new equipment to get the maximum benefit 

  • maximize your charitable contributions by knowing when to make them

  • maximize itemized tax deductions by making sure required payments are made prior to December 31st

  • shift other income to fall in the year where it will be taxed at a lower rate 

  • maximize other expenses by knowing what deductions and credits are available and when to incur them to them fall in the year when they will benefit you the most  

  • adjust your w-2 withholding to prevent Uncle Sam from using your money interest free

Our goal in tax planning is to present you with a plan and a forecast that will enable you to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket to be used to meet your current and future financial needs.  

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